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Accucom has been serving the Norwest Business Park area since 1988, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

How the Future of Data Backup Looks for Business

How the Future of Data Backup Looks for Business

Technological innovation can be exciting, but one topic that is decidedly unsexy with technology is data backup—at least, from an excitement point of view. More businesses are demanding greater data security and redundancy, which is in turn forcing developers to innovate and create better products that can give consumers and enterprises what they need. Let’s look at three of the more interesting features of these up-and-coming data backup solutions.

Comprehensive Data Center Security

A modern data backup solution will be able to work with different types of infrastructures and environments. Future businesses are going to continue to use their own on-premises infrastructures, despite their infrastructures being distributed across several private clouds, and they could be so complicated that they involve multiple different cloud vendors. This means that you need a solution that can back up all of these operations and the data contained within.

The right data backup tool will address all of these concerns in each environment separately while still giving users one singular interface to work through. When approached in this way, migration is easier and less of a hassle moving resources between various locations. With this benefit, IT admins can back up any specific application as they need to rather than the entire infrastructure.

Recovery Anytime, Anywhere

Backing up resources for any one specific resource is one thing; recovering that data is another thing altogether. For example, you want to restore an application hosted in the public cloud to your company’s private cloud infrastructure, or do the opposite. If you recover in this way, there is a high availability for the data and disaster recovery, meaning that you can stay productive even if something were to prevent your organization from accessing that information in its current location. This also protects your data and establishes a quick recovery time…and these times are only getting faster.

Automated Data Backup Processes

Advanced data backup processes already contain certain automatic levels, but when all of your applications are set up for optimal recovery in the face of adversity, things can get a little complicated and confusing. Backup solutions in the future will be able to tell which application needs backing up and in what context, allowing it to make the best decision possible at the moment to ensure your company can run effectively. This kind of data backup is made possible through complex configurations that require much more automation than is possible with your typical levels of human user error involved, and without this unreliability holding it back, applications can set their own backup schedules as dictated by the parameters they are supplied with.

How does your business handle data backup and disaster recovery? Could you use a hand implementing a more powerful solution that doesn’t depend on human interaction? We can help you out with that. To learn more, call us today at (02) 8825-5555.

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